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Various Cells of College

Placement Cell - The alumni of Birpara College are engaged in various occupations in India and abroad, both in government services and the private sector. The Placement Cell keeps an updated record of successful former students and where they found employment after completing their education. These records are shared with current students to motivate them about their employment prospects.
Convener - Sri Swapan Sutradhar

Career Counselling Cell - The Career Counselling Cell conducts workshops with students to provide them with information about potential career opportunities. It also works with students to enhance their employability skills.
Convener - Sri Hridkamal Sarkar

Academic Counselling Cell - The Academic Counselling Cell addresses all academics-related problems faced by students, be it difficulties with the syllabus or examination phobia, through group and individual counselling.
Convener - Sri Hridkamal Sarkar

Personal Counselling Cell - The Personal Counselling Cell deals with the personal problems of students through individual counselling.
Convener - Sri Subrata Sengupta

Psycho-Social Counselling Cell - The Psycho-Social Counselling Cell works to help students -
• Handle crises in relationship.
• Deal with stress and pressure.
• Resolve panic, fears and anxieties.
• Cope with family problems.
• Work through difficult decisions.
• Break through depression.
• Develop more fulfilling relationship.
• Find path to self-discovery.
Convener - Smt. Malasree Majumdar

Social Class Counselling Cell - The Social Class Counselling Cell works to -
• Help students gain an insight into the origin and development of emotional difficulties, leading to increased capacities to take rational control over feelings and actions.
• Alter mal-adjusted behaviour.
• Assess students to move in the direction of fulfilling their potential or achieve an integration of conflicting elements within themselves.
• Encourage and develop special abilities and right attitude.
• To establish a feeling of mutual understanding among different students.
Convener - Smt. Malasree Majumdar

Gender Counselling Cell - The Gender Counselling Cell has a three-fold objective -
• To provide advice according to the need of the students; this includes direct recommendation.
• To provide guidance, which includes instructing by citing examples.
• To motivate the students by developing a co-cordial environment.
Convener - Dr. Krishnakali Roy

Grievance Cell - The Grievance Cell deals with the grievances of students, teachers and the non-teaching staff. Its stated aims are -
• To give justice for student
• To give environment for education
• To give other facilities
Convener - Sri Sanatan Sarkar

Anti-Ragging Cell - The Anti-ragging Cell helps the college to strictlyabide by the Judgement of Supreme Court of India and strictly adheres to and implements anti-ragging policies. The cell takes quick action as soon as complaints are registered.
Convener - Smt. Sukla Das

Student- Teacher Interaction Cell - The Student-Teacher Interactive Cell facilitates discussion between students and teachers to solve any academic problem faced by either side.
Convener - Sri Sanatan Sarkar

General Knowledge Cell - The General Knowledge Cell aims to improve the students' awareness of the current affairs and increase their general knowledge.
Convener - SK. Kamruzzaman

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