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Admission Procedure

NSS – The college has two National Service Scheme (NSS) units, which are open to students of all streams.
• One hundred students per unit / per year can enrol as volunteers.
• Active NSS volunteers are given a certificate at the end of the second year.
• The NSS throws up an opportunity for students to gain skills in social participation and acquire leadership qualities and a democratic attitude.
NSS Programme Officers – Sri Nikhilesh Bhattacharya (Unit-I), Dr. Shyam Sundar Pradhan (Unit-II)

Annual Festival – An annual cultural programme is held every December where the students and staff get the opportunity to take part in various cultural competitions.

Film Club – The Film Club is formed for the student with an intention of cultural activity among the students by screening films on campus. To this effect it has evolved a comprehensive policy of multi-lingual and multi-genre screening of mainstream and parallel cinema, as well as documentaries, on a regular basis.
Convener – Sri Utpal Roy

Nature & Wildlife Club – The Environment/Nature & Wildlife Club has been formed to make students aware of the diverse flora and fauna of the ecologically fragile Dooars region.
Convener – Sri Dipankar Bhaumik

Debating Club – The Debating Club provides students with a platform to hone their skills in making an argument in front of an audience. The exercise also makes them overcome their natural shyness and get used to public speaking.
Convener – Sri Swapan Roy

Photography Club -The Photography Club aims to encourage students to take up photography as a hobby. In the digital age where even mobile phones have in-built cameras, photography can be a powerful tool to document the world around us. The panoramic landscapes of the Dooars and the people of different cultures who live here provide the members of the club with a ready subject.
Convener – Sri Dil Kumar Pradhan

Literary Club -The Literary Club aims to inspire among students a love for language and books and encourage them to write essays and short stories and put together the college magazine. Such activities teach the students to think analytically and creatively, expand their vocabulary and improve their skills in public speaking.
Convener – Smt. Ratna Ghosh

Sports Club -The Sports Club organises the Annual Sports Day as well as the different sporting events for each batch. The club aims to inculcate ideas of fair competition through the vehicle of sports.
Convener – Sri Subimal Mitra

Music Club -The Music Club has been set up to help students
• Develop an understanding of a musical notation system, building on theoretical foundation
• Grow familiar with musical styles and genres from different cultures
• Learn to use their musical skills and knowledge to enrich their lives
• Learn the principles and practices of solo and assembled musical performance, organisation and promotion of live and recorded performance
• Retain and enhance their own individual love of music
Convener – Sri Hridkamal Sarkar

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